Solderable Polyester




Insulation Characteristics:

Modified Polyester-imide is produced by insulating the conductor with a single coat of a solder-strippable modified polyester resin. Physical properties are adequate for most coil applications. More severe winding requirements such as in-slot stator windings are not recommended without thorough evaluation. This film may be readily stripped from the conductor by immersing in an 850° - 950°F solder pot; care must be exercised in preventing the film from over-cutting due to poor immersion techniques.


General Applications:


Modified Polyester-imide is designed for those special coil applications where solderability is coupled with a need for high thermal resistance. It is not recommended for in-slot motor windings or applications subject to high winding stresses.


  • Automotive coils
  • Electronic coils
  • Shaded pole motor coils
  • Special transformer coils