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Magnet Wire


Bare Copper Wire Resistance Weight 4/0-28 AWG

Bare Copper Wire AWG 20 - 52

Film Builds AWG 4 - 31

Film Builds AWG 32 - 60

Film Insulation Enamel Guide

International Enamelled Wire Code Guide

Manufacturer Trade Names for Magnet Wire Insulations

Film Insulation Characteristics

Thermal Classes

Bare Copper 24-58 AWG Half Sizes

Dimensions Magnet Wire AWG 4 - 53

Breakdown Voltage Calculations

Conductor Properties and Allowable Ampacities for Copper and Aluminum Conductors

MSDS Sheet

MSDS Essex

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Flat Magnet Wire


Insulated Flat Wire 11-30 AWG Sizes

Lamination Conductors Guide

Flat Wire Insulation Chart

Inches Standard Flattening Ratios

Metric Standard Flattening Ratios

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Shipping Info


American Spool Configurations

Southeast Asia Spool Configurations

European Spool Configurations

Spool Handling Tips

Packaging Reference Guide

Shipping Charges

Damaged Goods Form

Ultra Fine Magnet Wire


AWG 42-58 Inches

AWG 42-58 Metric

UL Certification Directory for Magnet Wire

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Conversions & Formulas


Formulas for litz resistance, overall diameter & cross-section

Formula for the OD of Standard Litz Wire Configurations

AWG to Sq mm Cross Sectional Area

AWG to Circular Mil Area Conversion Chart

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Formula

World Wide Metric Conversions *

Micron to Inches Converter *

Periodic Table of Elements *

Ohm's Law and Conversions

Conversions of Fractions to Inches and mm

Voltage Loss Formulas

Copper & Aluminum Metal Formula Guide

International Metric and Nominal Measuring Units and Conversions

Metric Conversion Factors



Litz Generator and Quotation System

Calculations for Total CMA and AWG to mm, mm2 & in

Calculations for AC/DC Resistance

Skin Effect Calculator

Litz Designing Calculations

Multi-Strand Diameter Calculation

Single Strand Diameter Calculation

Wire Gauge Calculation *


Legal Info/Statement


Ordering Information

Disclaimer for customers with no specifications

Conditions of Sale

Commerical Credit Application

Copper Wire Fiber Insulations Chart

Litz Wire Serving Diameters

Celanese Insulation

PET Mylar®

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

ASTM D 149

FEP Physical Properties

FEP Mechanical Properties

FEP Electrical Properties

FEP Thermal Properties

FEP Optical Properties

FEP CX5010, FR5020 & FR5030

Typical Properties of PTFE, PFA & FEP

Aromatic Paper/Nomex®

Creped Nomex® Paper 2 Mil

Creped Nomex® Paper 3 Mil

Polyimide Tape / Kapton®

Conductofol 2009 Epoxy

Quick Reference Film Insulation Characteristics

Insulation Materials for Extrusions

Wire Insulation/Extrusion Selection Guidelines

Properties of Litz Wire Extrusion/Insulating Materials

Extrusion/Insulation Materials General Specification Chart

Permissible Minimum Bending Radius

Extrusion Characteristics Chart

Summary of Chemical Stability Chart

Litz Cable Extrusion FEP PVC and Others

FEP Litz Wire for High Voltage

Testing Procedures*


Bondable Magnet Wire Grades




Ultra Fine Magnet Wire

Fine Magnet Wire

Magnet Wire

Large Magnet Wire


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Magnet Wire Quotation

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Magnet Wire Testing Certificate

Superior Essex Bondable Magnet Wire


Polyvinyl-Acetal Phenolic




Polyurethane Nylon-180


Polyester Nylon

Modified Polyester-imide

Modified Polyester-amide

Glass Fibers/Dacron Glass


Polyester A/I Topcoat


Aromatic Polyamide