Certified OFHC* (CDA 10100)
The most important characteristic of oxygen-free high-conductivity copper is that it can be heat treated in a reducing atmosphere without embrittlement. Certified OFHC at 99.99% minimum purity displays the inherent qualities of copper to the highest degree.


OFHC* Copper (CDA 10200)
OFHC copper is produced by converting cathodes under very controlled conditions, thereby nearly eliminating all other elements. Where electrolytic copper has purity of 99.0%, OFHC copper has a minimum purity of 99.95%. (Silver is counted as copper.)

ETP Copper (CDA 11000)
Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper is the most widely-used copper for electronic products based on its optimum combination of workability, performance, and economy. For those manufacturing applications in which the presence of from 0.02% to 0.05% oxygen is not critical, ETP copper is specified for most intermediate and end users.


Ultra-Fine Magnet Wire - 58 - 40 AWG


Fine Magnet Wire - 39 - 30 AWG


Magnet Wire - 29 - 18 AWG


Large Magnet Wire - 17 - 4 AWG


Flat Magnet Wire